Your Responsibility

As we saw under the Corporate Tax section, you have many responsibilities when it comes to payroll taxes.

Perhaps more importantly though, is making sure that your payroll is calculated correctly and that employees are paid everything that is due to them on time.  Nothing demotivates employees faster than payroll errors.

How we can help you

We will take on your entire payroll headache.  We will administer your payroll and print monthly payslips for your employees.  We will make sure your payroll is done on time so your staff get paid on time.

We will prepare a cost to company package suitable for each individual.

We will process your employee leave applications and let you know the days of leave due to each individual employee at the end of the relevant month.

We will process all staff loans for the month.

We will load your schedule of employees to be paid into your bank account in time for you to make the payment.

We will issue you with all the necessary payroll reports.

We will submit all monthly declarations as required and let you know what needs to be paid over to SARS in good time (EMP201’s).

We will handle all declarations (EMP501’s) and also issue employee tax certificates at year end (IRP5’s or IT3(a)’s)

We will complete and submit all UIF and Workman’s Compensation Fund returns.

We will prepare the payroll journal of transactions for importing into your accounting system