Your Responsibility

This only applies to you if you have a Company [(Pty) Ltd or a LTD Company] or a Close Corporation.

You will have to make an application to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of SA (CIPC) in order to get your company registered.

All companies must have a Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) which sets out the rules agreed by the shareholders for the management and maintenance of the business. Private companies may be registered with a standard or a customised MOI. We strongly advise to have a customised MOI as the standard CIPC version has been found wanting at times.

All Companies (including external Companies) and Close Corporations are required by law to file their annual returns with the CIPC within a prescribed time period every year. The purpose for the filing of such annual returns is to confirm whether a Company or Close Corporation is still in business/trading, or if it will remain in business in the near future.

Therefore, if annual returns are not filed within the prescribed time period, the assumption is that the Company or Close Corporation is inactive, and as such CIPC will start the deregistration process to remove the Company or Close Corporation from its active records. The legal effect of the deregistration process is that the juristic personality is withdrawn and the Company or Close Corporation ceases to exist.

It is very important that you DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN as you can essentially lose your entire business.  A good accountant will make sure that your annual duties never fall behind.

How we can help you

If you need a new Company, we will register a fully compliant company for you from scratch.

We can also supply a Shelf Company should you need a Company in a hurry.  We can then change all of the important details such as the trading name at a later time.

We will ensure you have a customised Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) that suits your business.

We will submit your annual returns for you ON TIME to ensure that your Company never gets deregistered.

We will also deal with any ad hoc changes that you may wish to make to your Company, including:

  • Name reservations and name changes
  • Change of directors or members and related details
  • Any other necessary compliance
We will prepare all minutes of meetings and resolutions for approval by the shareholders and directors or members.

We will take charge of all other statutory matters in order for your Company or Close Corporation to be compliant at all times.