We exist to help our clients' businesses grow and prosper. We provide dedicated and personal attention while delivering timely and quality services and innovative solutions that harness our most important resources - our people. We are committed to helping our clients achieve all their financial goals and enjoy maximised stakeholder value
Centurion-based Bluemeg Consulting provides services to clients throughout Southern Africa.  We are a small and agile firm with a diverse client base, making us knowledgeable across many sectors of our country’s economy, yet also allowing us to actively understand each client’s specific industry and enriching our team’s cumulative knowledge.  Our team comprises highly motivated individuals who interact with one another, with our clients and with other professionals to continuously improve our ability to fulfil our clients’ specific needs.

We empower our clients with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills through consultation and advisory services to give them the necessary confidence to make sound business decisions. This allows them to steer their businesses in the right direction to maximize asset security and business owner value.  Within the bounds of the law and ethics, we contribute as much as possible to our client’s prosperity.  To achieve these goals, we have created packages, procedures and training programs to make financial data easy to interpret and analyse by the various stakeholders.

We walk with you through every phase of your life with innovative and practical services.  This includes registrations with the relevant authorities, and planning and preparing your business plan.  We supply and setup software and procedures for your staff, ensure that your payroll is correct, on time and complies with applicable legislation, and train your staff to keep your financial information accurate and readily available.  We also compile and perform the procedures required by the Companies Act on your business’s annual financial statements, and continuously advise on estate and tax planning to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your financial, tax and statutory matters are in order.